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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Time Travel

Bimbetka--A recently discoreved archelogical site in the middle of Madya Pradesh Jungles which contains cave paintings which are dated to 2000-10000 yrs old.

The white images are dated to be 10000 yrs old.Its amazing just to stand in that place surrounded by the jungle and there are these huge rocks and to see some painting which was done much before any written script was invented.
Entering that forrest is like teleporting urself 10000 yrs back.

Sanchi Stupa--The Stupa build in 1st century AD by the great emperor Ashoka who adopted Buddhism after seeing so much blood in Kalinga war.The full size shows the intricate inscriptions of Jataka tales on the sides of the pillar.

In front of a temple in Orrcha.