"this world is like a book and those who do not travel read only one page of it" from(i don know) .. My photos dont let me down like my words i guess.So i post more photos than writing lots........

Thursday, April 27, 2006

End of trip.

We returned to Bangalore from the last trip and since it was early and we had no busues at 3:30 in the morning,we decided to take a walk on the flyover near majestic.

A very rare sight.An empty Bangalore road.

I don't know if I am getting any better at it but still I am obsessed with night photography.


Three of my friends I think.

Its actually nice to take a walk on a flyover before the sun comes up.

Odd man in..........

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Omb****** Gud** Revisited........... Photos

This is from the second visit to this place I wrote about.Since we took a totally different route to trek the destinations ,the photos are different too..

The pool

Receeding watermarks on rocks.

The mountain we need to climb....to end the trek.

The mountain we just crossed to reach here.

Cut through ridges to oblivion.

Reach for the skies

Ups and downs of a trek..

Should trek this place time and again I think..

Monday, April 17, 2006

Loneliness.......... I feel loneliness.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kurumgad islands.......

Bench facing the sea...

Canopy to be crossed to reach the beach

Fishermen at Karwar beach

far and out

dipping sun.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Omb***** Gud**** first visit photos

Sometimes when you turn back and see after you have trekked for long this is wat you get to see--The jungle you crossed..

We camped here on the first day.

Golden showers.

Spot us trekkies if you can..(you can see only in the full size)

View from the peak

The killer views which makes the struggles and hardships of a trek worth it.

The post below is about this trek..

Omb****** Gud** Revisited...........

I havent posted the photos yet thats because I went for this trek this week end to this amazing hidden place.There are no details about this trekking trail anywhere on the internet.We trekked there last month with a hand drawn map by one of the very few groups which has trekked this place.Plus we had a compas.Inspite of this we got totally lost inside this dense jungle and mountain ranges.But finally after some near death experiences we completed the trek though it extended by a day and a half beyond the original plan.So we had to ration out our food and we had to climb a 85 degree cliff which was some 80 mts tall.We also thought we would loose it in that cliff but luckily we made it through.....as there was no way to climb down once we were in the middle.

So with that behind out belt we decided to do the same trek this weekend but only minus the map ,compas and by choosing a totally different root(Eastern Trail we called it)...So as again we got lost and I was not able to make it work on Monday and I had to call to my PM and let him know.Since cellphones don work inside and we r totally cut off from civilization there was absolutely no way to contact anyone.(I finally did it only after we completed the trek as that is the only option and my manage was ok with it I guess )
We slept inside this rainy forest with very little food(rationed between 5 of us) just so that we dont faint.On top of everything there were these million leeches which sucked out blood like vampires.We did not have a tent and it was raining and we had to sleep just on the forest floor.Somehow we made it to Bangalore today morning thanks to some direction sensitive trekkers in the group and the courageous team which was calm and focussed without panicking in this dire situation.Anyways we are alive and we have brought back so many memory snippets(photos) and the experience the trek gave us.There are a few people who want this place to be hidden so they have requested not to reveal the name and description of the place and the map on the internet.But I am a traveller and spreading news is part of me.I learnt about this place from someone and I would definitely like to share info about this to other interested people.So to compramise everything I have not fully Spelled the place .But if anyone is interested you can mail me.I would be glad to forward the map and details and help you with tips...

Note: the place has a waterfall which resembles the one which comes in the movies
"The Beach" with a pool beneath it.Its definetly a toughtrek and some trekking experience under your belt is recommended before you do this trek.The trek starts from a point 6 hours from Bangalore.

I will post the photos as soon as I can or as soon as I get the access to photos and internet at the same place...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Photo block..

Its been a real long time since I posted photos .I have been travelling though(to Goa,a few treks,Karwar,Kurumgad island) and I have a lot of these travel photos.But the problem is I have them all in the cds or in my laptop and I cannot use both at my office.I don have an internet connection at where I live right now.I browse from my office.So I will post my photos this week end when I go to my hometown.