"this world is like a book and those who do not travel read only one page of it" from(i don know) .. My photos dont let me down like my words i guess.So i post more photos than writing lots........

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

varkala-sip coffee with the beatiful sunset view from the top of the cliff

VARKALA-the unexplored cliff beach.(a great hippy hangout)

take a walk along the beatiful cliff top with sea on one side and shops and on the other.

i tried my hand with some nite photografhy at varkala.dont get mad.i am just an amature photographer.

sunset view from the cliff

Sunday, October 09, 2005

MALANA-civilization untouched by normal men

MALANA-a small village in the himachal which is a part of india but doesnt follow the indian governing laws........
Hey this is something interesting.when i was travelling in manali,i happened to go to this interesting village called MALANA...........it was a two day trek from a beautiful place called nagar.me and an israeli girl started the trek by ourselves without hiring a guide.i just made friends with a villager who drew the directions in a paper and we were set for this two day tough trek with that.

we started off by getting a lift from some local transport vehicle carrying wood.we were sitting on the logs at the back.they dropped us at the starting point of the trail path.we started walking along the apple and pear archids.occationaly we would pluck an apple or the local fruit called pitu.

We started in the by 3 in the afternoon and wnt on like that till nite 9 .thats when we realise both of us were lost and we dont have a tent to stay or food.
trust me it was damn scary inside the forest with wolfs howling and stuff.
after searching for an hour we saw a small light at adistance.
wow a tent and there were two locals in there.
they gave us food and we stayed in the tent for the nite.

the next morning we got up and saw the view from near the tent.that when i decided though in life i am on the "highway to hell",i am already on this heaven for now .u see the photo and decide for ur self.

"i would prefer if heaven were like this"

then we started treking throuh this steep climb for a few hours ,we reached the great chandrakani pass.
then there was this steep valley we need to climb down to reach malana.
finally we reached malana in the evening after my friend had some struggle with the downclimb and stuff.
wow malana what a weird village........
u r not supposed to touch either the villagers or anything including houses in that village.
sounds weird ...but thats how it is.they have the worlds oldest democracy......true.their own govening system.
they call themselves the descendents of the troups of alexander and hence they consider themselves equivalent to god.so no outsider can go near or touch or shake hands with them.
they have two houses outside the village where travellers should stay.yes no outsider is allowed to stay in the village.
the people of malana look kinda like the greeks(their face )check the photos if u dont believe me......

kids in malana.....

whatever said its definitely a place worth a visit.........its a weird place and a different experience for me.i can talk about it for hours.but i am kindof lazy to type down everything........

the valley we need to cross to reach malana.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

kerala -lose ur self in backwaters and culture

cruise ur way through the backwater canals in a small boat on ur own.

the experience is amazing.

allepy the heart of the backwater heaven

sunset from the boat

Saturday, October 01, 2005


this is the great himalayas.
i have done a few treks there.
this particular one in on the way to malana from manali.

i think i have seen heaven...

ride on top of the bus with babas and travellers.
travelling in manali is an experience in itself

chandrakani pass at the height of around 12000 ft you can see the lush meadows with horses .

i was walking through a village near manali just to know about the life of the people over there.
thats when i found this group of cute kids playing in the village.

feel free to leave your comments.
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