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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Staring at the Sunrise

Gazed at stars and the flood for the whole night and wen it dawned we met the sun..

Here is the link to few of the photos from my trip.I have already posted a few ..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful sunrise....i like the color and reflection here:-))) great shot

August 03, 2006 10:26 PM

Blogger Tim Rice said...

I think you have one of the best sunrise pictures I've ever seen. In your album, I also enjoyed the waterfalls.

August 04, 2006 10:17 AM

Blogger Ash said...

Beautiful sunrise

August 04, 2006 1:20 PM

Blogger Patty said...

gorgeous sunrise reflection...also visited the link you gave & enjoyed all the photos there.

it must be very nice to be surrounded by so many sunflowers.

& you are probably right...even though i may be scared to death of slipping off the edge of a waterfall or other place, if I was there, most likely that fear would be overshadowed by the even larger fear of regret.

August 05, 2006 6:08 AM

Blogger "K" Fingerett said...

So beautiful ^_^

And the pictures from the link- just wonderful.

Thanks for sharing!


August 05, 2006 8:28 AM

Blogger backpack_everyday said...

@Tim:No way there are way too much good photographers who r out my league and make photos which are tons of times better than mine.
@patty:You got it...
@fingerette:Mnn than you ...

August 07, 2006 4:27 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

very nice! great colurs...

August 12, 2006 5:42 PM

Blogger Manuel Tendero Gil said...

una luz perfecta muy buena foto un saludo

August 14, 2006 4:16 PM

Blogger Merili said...

Apsolutely breathtaking image, very romantic and tranquille :)

August 16, 2006 4:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

gotcha!...saw ure comment to one of anup's blogs and ws like..okie, even this guys blogs!...awesome pics:)...btw, i missed d hampi trip tat anup is on right now..boohoo!!!:(

August 16, 2006 6:07 PM

Blogger Cazz said...

Finally had time to have a look at your blog! Absolutely stunning pictures - I think they beat ours by a mile! Lydia and I will have to put some more up on our blog when we have time.

Hope to meet you in Bangalore.

August 18, 2006 5:58 PM

Blogger backpack_everyday said...

@manuel:I still cant understand.But thanks.
@merili:exactlyyy.:-)) and hence we didnt want to come bak at all.
@sush:hey great to hear from you.How u doing.
Would want to meet u sometime...
@cazz:thanks and yeh will meet up for sure.

August 18, 2006 7:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes..me too...had to track u down!..after i heard tat even u blog:)...yes, its been a very long time since we met..no plans of me coming down to blore as of now..lets see how it goes..mayb this year-end another gokarna trip;)

August 21, 2006 4:08 PM

Blogger Lore said...

i love sunset and sunrises!! Wow, what a wonderful trip you had!!! the contact with nature it's always amazing and relaxing!! awesome photos!!! thank you very much for sharing!!! :)

September 13, 2006 9:57 AM

Blogger Merili said...

Gorgeous set of shots, amazing!

September 29, 2006 3:21 PM

Blogger backpack_everyday said...

@lore:Thanks and yeh it was wonderful.


October 09, 2006 11:08 PM

Blogger DiaKL said...

beyond words...soooooooo calm and beautiful! :)

November 11, 2006 5:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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February 05, 2007 4:25 PM


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